Monday, September 8, 2014


The sun and the warm weather are one of the few things I learned to appreciate ever since I’ve experienced living in a country wherein maybe 9 out of 12 months in a year are cool or damp. It is these 3 months that people can finally wear their shorts, flip flops, sleeveless shirts and sundresses.

From previous summers, I remember looking forward to being able to hike and run outside. This summer was totally different. I didn’t even get to hike, and only ran maybe 5 times, max this summer. I thought buying new runners would inspire me to go running more, but no, it did not (unfortunately).

I think this year was a little different because of a couple of things – my grandpa passed away end of Spring, early summer, and things were a little hectic for a while and I couldn’t really “have fun” for 100 days, or during grieving period. Also, before, I used to join folks from Manila on “pasyal” trips. Now, not anymore. Maybe because I don’t know or I’m not close to most of the people who were were sent here to work for a couple of months. Another factor could be, I started spending a lot more time with someone new too!

This doesn’t mean though that I didn’t do anything at all this summer. As I thought more about it, there were a couple of “fun” things I did this time around.

1. Golf

It all started when I joined a golf tournament at work. Mind you, I only played pitch and putt twice and did driving range only once before. But this year, I ended up going to the driving range maybe twice, and went to play a half – 3/4 part of a full golf 18 hole course (aside from the tournament itself). Took us 3.5 hours to finish, but super fun.

I enjoyed it so much that I’ve been thinking about getting my own set of clubs and maybe getting some beginner’s lesson. But, as always, I haven’t done any yet. Budget constraints + storage area concerns.

Previously, golf had this impression on me that it was such a slow-paced and boring sport. But after playing it a couple of times, I’ve learned to appreciate it more and why people actually get addicted to it.

2. Sunset Watching

Went to the beach and watched the sun set. Did this activity three times. Wonderful. Relaxing.


3. Outdoor Movie

I’ve always wanted to do this!! We did this a couple of weeks back. It can get cold late at night though so don’t forget to bring blankets! And, I’d suggest to bring lounge chairs or something similar instead of just sitting down on top of picnic blankets on the grass. Can you imagine watching a movie for an hour and half without any back support? Tough!

4. Tandem Bike Ride

I love riding a bike, but I’d never though I’d end up riding … a tandem bike!

Not only did we end up riding a tandem bike (his idea, btw), but when he picked me up, and this is no joke – we were wearing a matchy matchy attire – light purple shirt and khaki shorts/capris. I am not one who is a big fan of  wearing matching stuff but I think he was because… I think he was very happy about the coincidence (I remember during one event we went to before that he gave me a shirt to wear that’s exactly the same shirt as he had on. I just didn’t wear it because it was too big).

So picture this, tandem bike ride + matching outfits. Eye catching for sure. Someone shouted to us at some point: “Go Purple Team!” LOL!

5. Paint Nite

My officemate invited me to join her for an event called “Paint Nite”. It’s a 2 hour event wherein you paint on your own, with no requirement of having to be artistic or experienced in painting. You attempt to copy a painting, while someone is guiding and teaching you.

The two hours flew by so quickly! That’s how much fun we had. To be honest, we hardly talked to each other anymore because we painted and painted and painted! The teacher made everything sound and look easy.

And below is the end result. The one on the right is my creation! Great activity to do with your friends.


Now I can’t seem to stop listing down more things that I did or experienced this summer.

Overall, I enjoyed this summer. A little different from the past summers – lots of new memories created and new activities experienced. Now, looking forward to the Fall season!

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Leda said...

Tandem bike and matchy matchy attire -- picture pls! Haha! :D